Shop Steward Round Table


Wednesday, November 15, 2017
9:00 am - 12:00 pm


YEU Lucy Jackson Training Room


General Events


Understanding Your Collective Agreement

The Collective Agreement is the single most important document for a Shop Steward to be familiar with.  The better you know it, the better you will be able to help co-workers with questions about it, and the better you will be able to recognize when workplace practices conform to the provisions in your CA and when they don’t.  In this session we will look briefly at where your agreement comes from, in order to better appreciate the work of those who came before.  We’ll also discuss some general practical guidelines for reading and understanding this sort of document.  Most of our time, however, will be spent looking at the provisions in your agreement and discussing what they mean for you and your colleagues at work.

Please bring a copy of your own CA to this Round Table!

YEU Shop Stewards are entitled to paid leave from work in order to attend union training.

Not a Shop Steward but interested in the role?  Please contact David Anderson, YEU Shop Steward Coordinator, at or 667-2331 ext.1005

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