Shop Steward Round Table - June - What is a Union?


Wednesday, June 20, 2018
9:00 am - 12:00 pm


YEU Lucy Jackson Training Room


General Events


What is the union all about in the first place? What does the union do for me? Where do my dues go? Why would I want to give up my personal time to go to union meetings or serve as a shop steward? A lot of union members have a lot of questions about what the union is and how it operates, and part of being an excellent shop steward is inviting these questions and being able to answer some of them. In this round table we will brainstorm some satisfying answers to some of the most common questions and consider some strategies for encouraging your co-workers to get involved in the conversation. We’ll be looking at our experienced shop stewards to share some of their experiences and strategies, and we’ll be looking for newer and prospective stewards to share some of the challenges they face in getting involved. We hope you can make it!

YEU Shop Stewards are entitled to paid leave from work in order to attend union training.

Not a Shop Steward but interested in the role?  Please contact David Anderson, YEU Labour Relations Advisor, at or 667-2331 ext. 1005

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