Why should I care about bargaining?

Your collective agreement protects you in your workplace. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of the employee and the employer, including hours of work, overtime, vacation, sick, family-related and other types of leave, grievance procedures, pay, benefits, and much more. It is essentially your rule book for life at work. During the bargaining process, members let us know what needs to be changed or added to the collective agreement. We refer to this as bargaining input, and it is used to help shape the next collective agreement.

How does the bargaining process work?

6 months before your collective agreement expires, your bargaining unit makes a call for bargaining input. This is your opportunity to contribute your ideas. Submit your input on a Bargaining Input form

3 to 4 months later, bargaining input closes. Your bargaining unit elects a bargaining committee. They prioritize and merge the many proposals that members have given them. This committee elects a small negotiating team that (with the help of a PSAC negotiator) prepares a package to be used in negotiations with the employer. If the current collective agreement expires before negotiations are completed, the employer will honour the expired agreement.

What if an issue arises between collective agreements?

If there is an urgent matter that cannot wait until the next round of bargaining, there may be a solution. Revisions can be made to collective agreements during their lifespan. To begin this procedure, you would want to file a grievance. You can find more information about this on our Problems at Work page.

How can you provide input?

Bargaining input kits are typically distributed to Locals before input begins. Online bargaining kits will also be available when the next round of bargaining begins.

Download and print the Bargaining Input Form.  Get as many signatures as you can in support of your suggestion, and return the form to your Local President, your Chief Shop Steward or the Yukon Employees’ Union Office.