Attend your Local Meetings

YEU is a strong union with many Locals. Most Locals have monthly meetings and they really need the contribution and input of members like you. We also participate in lots of community events throughout the Territory. The only way we can maintain this is through a vibrant group of volunteers. We hope you will help out with one of our events and donate some time to make your union more effective. If you aren’t sure what you can offer, just stop by to meet people with common interests. Check out our events calendar.

Become a shop steward

If you want to become a work place advocate for your co-workers, you may want to become a shop steward. You will become an asset in your workplace, and you will gain confidence and skills that are transferable into all aspects of your life and work. Notify YEU or your Local President/Chief Steward and let them know that you are interested.

Join a committee

Any member in good standing can sit on a committee. You may be interested in joining one of PSAC’s Regional Equity Committees:

Committee 2013

Contact the PSAC office at 668-8593 if you are interested.