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Gary McKone

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Michele Weichel
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Becky Tomlin

Because 2017 is a Bargaining year, the Y023 Executive may also be hosting workshops to help gather and develop bargaining input.  Dates/Times TBD.  If you have not already registered your personal email with YEU, I recommend you do that asap, so you will be kept up to date for Y023 Bargaining Updates.


Your collective agreement


  • City of Whitehorse
  • Public Service Alliance of Canada
  • Yukon Employees’ Union

Term of Agreement

  • September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2017


  • Documents are presented as PDFs
  • Over the term of the agreement, annotations highlighting changes and corrections may be added


We will update this page with a complete electronic copy of the Contract once it has been received by our office. In the meantime, you can review it as a scanned document here:

Local Y023 Bylaws – Revised November 2017